Introducing PC Cleaner

Clean Your Windows® PC in Minutes Automatically!

PC Cleaner is the right tool to easily restore your computer to the way it was when it was new. Automatically clean up junk files, free up disk space, ensure faster load times and improve overall system stability with PC Cleaner.

  • NEW Windows Repair – Fixes issues with Windows OS
  • NEW Cleaning Report – Keeps you posted on cleaning progress
  • NEW Scan for malicious software
  • Enhanced scan engine finds more items to clean
  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Repair Invalid File Associations
  • NEW Device Wiper (Pro feature) – Securely wipes removable memory devices
  • Unlimited Free Technical Support
  • 100% Safe & Ad-Ware Free

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What Does PC Cleaner do?

  • Toolbox

    Repair Specific PC issues with the Right Tools.

    Device Drivers

    Device drivers are the computer programs that operates or control all devices attached to your computer. Get an up to date list of device drivers on your system.

    Manage Popup Notifications

    Review and manage the sites that sending you popup notifications. If some notifications have become annoying due to content or frequency you can block or remove them.


    Windows Repair

    Identify and automatically repair Windows problems. PC Cleaner repair scan focuses on finding and resolving Windows related problems may lead to frequent program crashes.

    A Collection of Useful Tools

    You get quick access to the most frequently used Windows system tools including Control Panel, System Information, Network Connection, Power Options, System Restore, Disc Defrag.

  • Clean Your PC

    Remove Junk Files & Protect Your Privacy.

    Remove Junk Files

    Identify and safely remove junk files, temporary files, leftover file remnants from uninstalled applications, log files, Windows error reports, and much more.

    Clean System Registry

    Scan a comprehensive list of registry categories, look for erroneous or obsolete registry entries, clean and repair detected issues.


    Prevent Identity Theft

    Don’t become a victim of identity theft. PC Cleaner can help remove all personal information from your PC including personal ID, passwords, credit card data and banking information.

    Safeguard Your Privacy

    Don’t let your private details become public knowledge. PC Cleaner finds and erases any trace of Internet cookies, history data, and privacy files pertaining to email and instant messaging.

  • Speed Up Your PC

    Make Your PC and Applications Run Faster.

    Hard Drive Optimization

    Defragment hard drives to speed up your PC. Reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems so your hard drives respond faster to access requests from system and applications. Your PC will run faster.

    System & Internet Optimization

    Tweak system settings to maximize PC performance. Let PC Cleaner adjust network settings to increase Internet speed. Settings are customized to your PC and OS so your PC’s performance can reach its full potential.


    Speed up Windows Startup

    Examine all programs that run automatically when Windows starts up. Discover the origin and purpose of each Startup application. Make informed decisions about disabling unnecessary Startup items.

    System Monitor Log

    Review recent notifications regarding possible PC performance issues. That way, you can take further actions to ensure your PC runs in an optimal condition.

What are its Processes?

It’s simple! Follow the steps below and within minutes your computer will be back to its top form:
Step One : 

Click on the “Start Download” button below

Step Two : 

Select Open or Run to install PC Cleaner

Step Three : 

Click on Start Scan button to start – that’s it!

What are PC Cleaner’s Features?

Clean Out Junk Files & Free Up Valuable Disk Space

Searches your hard drive for junk files and permanently removes them; freeing up memory for your computer to run more efficiently.

Boost Windows® Startup & Shutdown Times

Allows you to easily manage the programs that launch when Windows® first starts; ensuring faster load time and improving overall system stability.

Clean Privacy Files

Scans your computer and deletes temporary privacy and internet files.

Repair Invalid File Associations

Ensures your files open with the properly associated programs.

Custom-Tune Your Windows® Settings

Guides you on the best System, Internet, and Security settings for your computer.

Fix Windows® Registry Corruption

Automatically scans the Windows® registry and corrects invalid entries and errors.

 To easily restore your computer to the way it was when it was new. Visit PC Cleaner today to learn more.

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