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Business Cloud Deals provides innovative tools to customers at the best price. We help businesses provide discounts, freebies, and other promos better and faster. And Mezzofy, a digital coupon platform , that lets companies create, distribute, and claim coupons quickly and easily, allows us to do all of those things. Know how it works and why your business should start using digital coupons today.

What Does Mezzofy Do?

Mezzofy provides a complete digital coupon platform for businesses. Its comprehensive features make managing coupons easy. This app requires no coding or programming knowledge to use. With it, any business owner can create discounts to boost marketing campaigns.

What are its Processes?

Mezzofy has three key processes that help you generate digital coupons efficiently.

  1. Creation – You can create a digital coupon from different devices. Our software is available through a web application on the cloud. It can also be accessed through a mobile app.
  2. Distribution – The digital coupons you create can be shared across different platforms, whether it’s on your website, brochures, or even your social media ads.
  3. Redemption – Customers can redeem your coupons in a variety of ways. These include:
    • QR code – You can turn your coupons into quick response (QR) codes that customers can scan from marketing materials.
    • Website integration – Our software allows you to embed coupons directly on your website. This way, your online customers don’t miss out on your great deals.
    • Targeted marketing efforts – You can also use our coupons for email, social media, and proximity marketing. Just generate links from the app, put them in your ads, and you’ll be all set.

What are Mezzofy’s Features?


Going digital means you don’t have to create paper waste on a physical coupon. Your customers only need to click on a link, scan a code on their screen, or present their mobile device to you to claim their deal.

Multi-platform marketing

You can easily create coupons to share with customers through different digital platforms like apps, social media, email, and other channels.


Each coupon you create has its unique signature and is non-serialized, so people will have a tough time trying to get deals illegally.

Multiple payment platforms

You can also sell your coupons and receive payment through popular gateways, like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree.

A variety of redemption methods

Customers easily redeem their coupons through email, SMS, or even QR code.

Big data capabilities

We provide a dashboard showing how many people view, engage with, and claim your coupons. This way, you know what to repeat and improve on for your next campaign.

Complies with regulations

Our digital coupons can be created using GS1 GCN global standards. This way, you’re sure that your products comply with international regulations.

Flexible Integration

You can customize our digital coupon generation and distribution app according to your existing system’s needs through our API.

Mezzofy has all the powerful processes and features you need to create digital coupons on the cloud. Our platform doesn’t need any programming skill to use, so you can provide the best deals and promos to your customers in a snap.

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