G Suite Solutions for the Pioneering Business

Business Cloud Deals delivers G Suite solutions at a fraction of the market price. We’re a Google G Suite partner, reseller, and managed service provider all rolled in one — we’ll integrate the services into your existing system, so you can make full use of them, right from the get-go.

G Suite Business Reseller with the Best Price

Business Cloud Deals provides G Suite services for a discounted price. We make this possible by partnering with official agents and distributors to find a subscription that fits your budget. Our experts review each plan we offer to make sure the G Suite plan we recommend fits your needs as a business. We’re a certified G Suite partner, allowing us to provide complete and quality services.

Partnering with a Google G Suite Partner

You have the option to purchase G Suite from Google’s global website, but this will only cost you more resources than necessary — Business Cloud Deals offers a faster and more affordable way to adopt G Suite.

That’s because we are a Google G Suite partner and reseller. Our Google G Suite pricing comes at up to 50% discounted rates. You’ll also enjoy personalized support during deployment and migration from our seasoned IT experts. It’s a reliable service, especially if your company doesn’t have an extensive IT department or if your team doesn’t have the capabilities to run G Suite on their own. If you have other concerns, Business Cloud Deals provides solutions tailored to your business needs.

In sum, you get a turnkey G Suite solution at a lower price.

G Suite from Google vs. a Reseller

There’s a marked difference between purchasing from Google and Business Cloud Deals.


Google BCD Reseller
All Apps from G Suite
Standard Prices (per user per month)
Basic - $6
Business - $12
Enterprise - $25
We offer a free quote, which are much lower than standard prices
Pre-Purchase Consultation
The business integrates, deploys, and migrates independently
We help you find out the best G Suite plan for your business
Professional Integration
The business integrates, deploys, and migrates independently
Our technical team handles professional integration
Google provides free but limited support. Premium support comes at a cost.
You receive technical support after implementation
Flexible Subscription Models
No scalable options provided
You can start with an affordable basic plan, then upgrade as your needs expand

To learn more about our G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise pricing, email us today for a quote.

Enjoy Professional Integration Upon Purchase

We go beyond reselling; we provide Google G Suite professional integration. It’s a value-added service that applies to all of our offers, even our Amazon CDN services.

Here’s what you can expect from our team.

  • On-Time and On-Budget – You can expect us to set G Suite plan up on-schedule. The implementation services we provide are part of our complete offerings to you — with no hidden fees for it.
  • Expert Team – We may be a relatively young company, but our crew is filled with IT and programming veterans. They have extensive experience in video streaming, e-commerce, and more. Plus, we’ve trained them in the latest and best cloud service implementation practices.
  • Focused on Expansion – What’s great about cloud services is that they have flexible subscription models. If you’re just starting out, we can provide an affordable basic plan for your small team. When you start racking up more customers and employees, we’ll help you get an upgraded subscription with more comprehensive management and security features.

How Does
It Work?

The difference between G Suite and Google Apps (its former name) is that with the suite, you can have all of Google’s productivity tools on your own domain. Everything will look and feel the same but instead of Google’s logo on the apps, you’ll see your company logo instead. Google’s G Suite services are one of the fastest, easiest ways to set up your website’s email platform and essential productivity apps that will make your jobs easier. All you have to do is to sign up for a G Suite account and you’ll get your business cloud running in no time. Google also offers a 14-day trial for first-time users. This lets you choose the best plan for your business.

Experience Organized Workplace
Collaboration with G Suite

Great ideas need to be shared. When you brainstorm with your team, you can produce the best concepts for business. With the G Suite, you can enjoy real-time collaboration, wherever, whenever. Google G Suite has an array of productivity tools, features, and programs that connect you with your team so you can exchange ideas and innovate the next big thing – together.

What is Google G Suite?

G Suite was originally just an email hosting platform for businesses. Today, it’s more than that – it’s a powerful digital platform for a suite of Google’s most popular and most effective business applications, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

Google G Suite Service Provider

Take your Pick of Business-Boosting Apps from G Suite

As an official G Suite partner, Business Cloud Deals will get you real value-for-money with a customised bundle of G Suite services packaged to suit your specific needs. Choose the right combination of G Suite apps and turn your business into a productive G Suite-enabled enterprise.


Enjoy clutter-free email that does away with spam and offers a clean, ad-free interface. Get Google’s ever-reliable email facility that has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime to coordinate and collaborate with your teams anytime, anywhere.


Work just got more social with Google’s social networking app. Use Google+ to have real, real-time conversations with your internal teams and outside network. Easily decide whom you want to talk to and what to share with them.


Work on text documents in real time. Allow team members and outside parties (like clients) to comment, chat, and edit docs simultaneously. You can see edits as others make them, then communicate via built-in chat and comment features.


Make sure that your projects are on schedule with G Suite’s integrated, web-based calendar. Share calendars with your team to stay on-track, synch and access meetings no matter where you work.


Create useful, data-filled forms and surveys. Simplify the process of giving out survey forms to fill out and tabulating the results. With Google Forms, you can record the responses and glance at the analytics in Google Sheets.

Hangouts Meet

Get the benefits of a virtual meeting room with Hangouts Meet. You can communicate face-to-face with team members anywhere, at any time. Enjoy seamless and easy-to-jump-into video calls and save time and travel expenses by communicating in real time from your desk, on the road, or from home.


This app puts sophisticated spreadsheets right at your fingertips. Apply complex formulas and functions for advanced calculations, add charts, and more. Crunching company numbers never looked this good or felt this cutting-edge before.


Forget about notebooks or post-it notes. Use Google Keep to write down and track notes during meetings. Make important notes, lists, and reminders and let team members add text or images. Use this as a simplified checklist for tasks or a billboard for reminders.


Remove project delays and mix-ups from the equation. Drive does away with the need for long email threads and sharing multiple versions of documents. Give your team the ability to instantly access and share text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other important items with the rest of the company. Collaborate and track edits in real time, all in one place.


No more “bored” members with this presentation-polisher. Comment, create and give the polish you want on your slides as a team. Permission controls allow members to develop and collaborate on presentations online—you can even let external partners see and work on the sheets.

How Does
It Work?

The difference between G Suite and Google Apps (its former name) is that with the suite, you can have all of Google’s productivity tools on your own domain. Everything will look and feel the same but instead of Google’s logo on the apps, you’ll see your company logo instead. Google’s G Suite services are one of the fastest, easiest ways to set up your website’s email platform and essential productivity apps that will make your jobs easier. All you have to do is to sign up for a G Suite account and you’ll get your business cloud running in no time. Google also offers a 14-day trial for first-time users. This lets you choose the best plan for your business.

Benefits You Can
Expect with G Suite

  • Mobility
    With improved communication and management online, you can stay connected with your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost-Efficiency
    G Suite is a simple, user-friendly solution that lets you care for multiple tasks in one platform, leading to lower operating costs.
  • Intelligence
    Google has designed G Suite to meet even the most specific productivity needs. It also continues to regularly update its applications, giving you an efficient tool that keeps up with the times.
  • Control
    The user is a priority in the G Suite. You can create a secure user that can manage other users, control connected devices, and provide data permissions across the platform with ease.
  • Collaboration
    G Suite’s tools, interface, and real-time connectivity provides teams an effortless, intuitive way to work together online.
  • Security
    The platform meets the highest privacy and security standards with strong authentication features as well as real-time notifications with every unsecure log-in.

G Suite Tier Overview

G Suite offers a lot of its apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Keep, Drive, etc. . . .), complete with collaboration capabilities, for free. However, they’re best suited for personal use. A subscription from a trusted Google G Suite reseller provides you with more comprehensive security, management, and storage features and capabilities.
Take a look at its different tiers.
  • Basic – This provides a cloud storage boost, with over 30 GB of space. The plan allows for 250 participants per call on Meet. It also makes your employees’ accounts more secure with security key enforcement. And if you want to automate and customize your G Suite apps, you can do so with Google’s App Script.
  • Business – This plan is a major step up from the basic plan, with unlimited cloud storage for more than five users. It also offers advanced archiving and eDiscovery features for chats, emails, and files in your G Suite ecosystem. This way, you can easily save and retrieve documents for compliance.
  • Enterprise – If you already have a large pool of employees, you may need to get an Enterprise plan. This is because it has the most advanced security and management features among the three plans. It comes with a security center for you or your IT team to manage. It also comes with data loss prevention for both Drive and Gmail, so you won’t have to worry about attacks and outages wiping your critical business data.

Seamless Service Process

Our commitment to excellent customer service lead us to create a simple and easy service process.

Here’s how it works.


Contact us through our online form with your company’s details and the service you’d like to get. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.


We’ll work with you to identify potential bottlenecks in your current system that can be solved or improved with an upgraded G Suite plan. We’ll review each subscription to provide you with subscriptions that fit your needs and budget, and present them to you for your approval.


After you’ve agreed to our proposal, we’ll begin implementation immediately. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of your new productivity suite as soon as possible.

group of people using a Google app

Why Choose Business Cloud Deals as Your
G Suite Service Provider

At Business Cloud Deals, we take pride in our excellent customer care, strong powerful relationships, and quick response to the changes in the industry. We carry the most popular cloud-based business solutions: Google G Suite and Amazon CloudFront CDN. Google has recently increased the price of G Suite plans by 20%, but we can shield you from drastic business expenses. What sets us apart as a Google G Suite reseller is that we offer our cloud systems at lower rates, selling plans at their original price, for a limited time only. You’ll also enjoy professional integration and technical support from seasoned IT professionals. We study your business needs and recommend the most suitable plans. We help you find out what will increase your bottom line. Should your business needs increase, turn to us to upgrade your plans.

Google G Suite Reseller

A Cloud Reseller
You Can Trust

Business Cloud Deals is an approved Google G Suite partner, which means our deals are legit. We have always believed in the impact G Suite has on business. As such, we strive to help others succeed with Google’s best tools. If you think G Suite is the best cloud solution for your business, fill out our contact form or email us at hello@businessclouddeals.com. We’ll give you an assessment call and a quote, both free of charge.

The Best Deals for G Suite

Business Cloud Deals partners with Google G Suite to provide you with the best service and price. It’s one of the best cloud solution for your business.