Amazon CDN Services

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Don’t Settle for a
Website That's Slow

If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, 67% of users will close the tab before the page even finishes loading. Plus, they are less likely to return, leading to more losses than gains for your business. Each second of delay is equivalent to 11% less web traffic and 16% reduced customer satisfaction. This results in unsatisfactory conversion rates. Bad conversion, less profit. It’s safe to say that every second counts. Here’s what you can do to take action.

Understanding CDN

There’s an easy way to make your website load faster: a content delivery network, or CDN. A CDN is a service that provides system administrators and developers with an easy way to distribute business content to end users. How? Through the cloud.

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About Amazon

One of the most famous cloud-based solutions in the world is CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network. It is optimized for storing both static and dynamic content, and then displaying the stored material on your web pages. Its massive capacity and scale gives it the performance and scalability many businesses look for in a cloud. Since the files aren’t stored on your site, pages will load faster – way faster. Through CloudFront, the user can configure content deliveries and make changes on the fly. You can enforce policies or restrict access to prevent information breaches. The system is designed for safe cloud storage as well as maximum flexibility.

How Will Your Website Benefit from
Amazon CloudFront?

  • Faster loading times
    With its voluminous media library and assets, it can carry large static and dynamic content for your website so your pages load quicker.
  • Easy to use
    Users can easily enable or disable the platform in a matter of minutes. You can also adjust your deployment settings without changing your existing resources.
  • Global scope
    Once you sign onto CloudFront, you can quickly deploy your CDN to many parts of the world. Amazon has a global network of 166 Points of Presence in 65 cities across 29 countries.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    With CloudFront, there’s no need to pay extra fees for data transfers. You can transfer as much data as often as you want through the content delivery network’s AWS cloud service.
  • Improved security
    CloudFront protects you from attacks at the web, network, and application levels, so there’s no need to invest in expensive security protocols.

Why Choose
Business Cloud Deals

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