Amazon Web Services Discounts and Deals

Business Cloud Deals provides Amazon Web Services subscriptions for the best price. Some users may have queries as to how we provide them with discounted plans. Here are some frequently asked questions.

How Much Does Amazon CloudFront cost per month?

Amazon Web Services, like most cloud services on the market, adopts a “pay as you go” structure. The company doesn’t charge a minimum fee. You only pay for the resources you use. As such, monthly fees vary from user to user. Its content delivery network, CloudFront, is available in three pricing tiers.  

Free Tier

This is split into three types, depending on the products you use.

It’s important to note, however, that usage amounts during your free tier won’t roll over to your future subscriptions. As such, you need to make the most of them while you can.


This tier reflects the “pay as you go” structure that AWS has. CloudFront’s charges depend on your usage of the service in these areas:

Discounted Pricing

Amazon provides significant discounts for customers that get high website traffic, like popular video streaming services or social networks. This only applies to businesses that are willing to commit to minimum traffic of 10 TB or more every month.

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How Do I Get a
Promo Code for Amazon CloudFront?

One of the legitimate ways to get an AWS coupon code is by buying and deploying security products from the AWS marketplace. First, you need to download at least one ebook from Amazon’s list. Then, launch a qualifying product. You’ll receive an Amazon AWS coupon worth as high as $200 in your email once you’ve finished all the steps.

You can also get an AWS discount code when you participate in Amazon’s webinars and events. Keep track of their events page to find a function near your location.

If you’re a developer, you can get as much as $100 AWS promo code if you create and publish a Skill for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Skills are programs that Alexa can perform for a user, like turning on a smart lightbulb or adjusting the volume on a TV.

If you’re running a startup and you’re using CloudFront for the first time, you may not even need promo code for Amazon Web Services. The company has a program called “AWS Activate” that provides $100,000 in AWS promotional credits for businesses that want to build and grow their web infrastructure for the first time. However, when you want to get a discount that’s suited for your business, it’s best to get it from a reseller like Business Cloud Deals because we do offer better deals.

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Does Business Cloud Deals
Offer AWS Integration as Well?

Yes, we do. Once we resell the service and provided the necessary discounts through AWS promo codes, we’ll integrate it with your existing system. Our team consists of IT experts and web developers with years of experience in managing content delivery networks like Amazon CloudFront. You can trust us to speed up your website’s loading speed through proper CDN implementation.