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The Business Cloud Deals website is always visited by businesses in need of software solutions—solutions you can provide. Run your ads on our site and watch your sales grow.

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It is difficult for companies offering business software products and SaaS to find the perfect advertising platform. You have a niche audience that only visits relevant websites. As decision-makers and company execs, your audience doesn’t spend time on sites that have nothing to do with their business. As it happens, the Business Cloud Deals site has everything to do with their business.

We’re a reviewer and trusted provider of cloud-based business technology, boasting a collection of cloud systems fit for a wide array of industries. We are a choice vendor, thanks to our discounted prices, smooth on-boarding process, and strong relationships with SaaS partners. As a promotion platform, our site welcomes crowds of decision-makers looking for cloud solutions—people who create the demand for your work. It pools visitors who need SaaS online distributors and SaaS reseller programs.

Don’t let a hotspot of potential clients go to waste. Take advantage of it through advertising.

Speak to Your Target Audience

The Business Cloud Deals digital portal boasts several features that make it a prime real estate for SaaS ads.

  • Optimized Traffic – Our site uses research-backed SEO strategies that attract the right visitors.We also record an excellent average time-on-page, due to our straightforward content. Apart from exploring our services, our visitors also spend a significant amount of time reading through our blog, which is regularly updated and expanded.
  • Audience – We receive visits from business decision-makers from a wide array of industries, but a huge percentage of our partnerships come from the e-commerce, gaming, and video streaming sectors.These potential clients come to our site in search of Amazon Cloudfront CDN or Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) solutions, so there’s a high probability that they’re interested in the cloud-based services you offer.
  • Ad Placement for CTR – Our sleek and minimal web design makes your ads stand out and catch our site visitors’ eyes. Moreover, our web designers have determined the optimum ad placement to maximize revenue for software products. Our advertising platform is conducive to a stellar CTR.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed statistics about our website.​

How Does It Work?​

Ad Specifics

  • We only run ads on the site. We are open to other forms of advertisement (sponsored blog posts, social media posts, SaaS listing, etc.).
  • The ad will feature your company logo or an image of your choice.
  • The ad has an active link to your company’s web page.
  • The ad will be visible on all pages of the site.

Ad Cost

We have three different services to offer and each comes with its own unique benefits in terms of cost:

1. Software Listing

This is a free service where we earn through affiliate income. We will provide your software company with its own page where you can promote your product.

 2. Advertisement

This is a paid service where you have the platform to inform and update potential clients about the benefits and advantages of using your product.

3. Lead Generation

This is also a paid service where Business Cloud Deals can help your company generate software inquiry leads.

Our representatives would be more than happy to discuss more specific details about our services and to provide a price quotation based on your needs. Reach out to us anytime.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to display your ads to the people who need your services. Increase brand awareness, boost site traffic, and create more opportunities for conversions.

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