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Cloud computing lets you run most, if not all, of your business processes through the internet. This unlocks a lot of benefits like an instant collaboration with teammates on a live document on Google’s G Suite and a fast website loading times for customers around the world is possible through Amazon’s Cloud-based Content Delivery Network.

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Business Cloud Deals is a trusted curator and provider of cloud computing services. We review a collection of the best cloud systems in the market and sell them to you for the best price. Our team currently resells Amazon Content Delivery Network Services and Google G Suite.

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  • An Experienced, Committed Team – Our team has years of experience in different fields in technology. Our employees have worked in e-commerce, video streaming, and gaming. Each one also cares about and supports your growth.
  • Cloud Services Customized to Your Needs – We take our time to fully understand your business. This way, we can recommend the best cloud service that fits your company’s needs and budget.
  • We Work With Official Distributors – We’re all about providing honest products and reviews here at Business Cloud Deals. As such, we partner with official distribution agents and partners to give you the best deals for your money.
  • Transparency – We charge only what we agree on, and we do our best to deliver the cloud-based services you need on time.

We make it our mission to empower businesses and organizations to achieve their business goals through the innovative cloud services we provide. Our team works to provide even more cloud-based business solutions that cover a wide variety of business processes.

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Business Cloud Deals helps you find cloud-based services for your business for the best price. We do this by working with official distributors and agents to sell Amazon CloudFront and G Suite subscriptions for a discount. Our team can also integrate these services for you, so all you need to do is reap their benefits. Here’s what these cloud solutions can do for your small business.

More than half of online consumers expect websites to load in three seconds or less. Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network allows you to achieve just that. It stores your website’s data in different servers across the globe so that they’re easier and faster for your customers to access. Integrate Amazon Cloudfront for your website today.

Google G Suite Reseller
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Google’s G Suite provides the essential productivity software your company needs but with collaboration baked in. This service lets you and your staff edit live documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. It also provides cloud storage for easy and secure backups, voice and video calling capabilities, and even archiving and discovery.

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Business Cloud Deals is a cloud computing reseller for businesses. We currently curate and resell Amazon CloudFront and G Suite deals, but we’re constantly looking for new services to provide. Apart from reviews and reselling, we also integrate these services for you. All you and your employees need to do is enjoy their benefits.

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At Business Cloud Deals, we carry a range of excellent cloud solutions and offer them at the best price possible.

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